AXIS-21 Stepper Motor Controller

Here’s a prototype for an X-Y motor controller. The AXIS-21 controller lab is a proof-of-concept prototype for developing movement control software.


The initial application for the project was to track a directional UHF antenna. The technology lends itself well to anything that needs to be “pointed”, such as a camera, telescope, laser and such. The project can be adapted for use in robotics and instrumentation.Axis1.08

This first breadboard incorporates a couple of surplus scanner stepper motors. It is driven by two Allegro A4988 stepper motor controller boards of the type you would find in a 3D printer. These are fed commands from an Arduino with an Atmel ATMega386 MCU. The firmware contains the popular AccelStepper library which facilitates a number of motor control routines using acceleration.


The movement routines are pretty boring at this early stage of development, but the idea is to program the pushbutton switches with pre-programmed sketches to exercise direction, speed, step rate, acceleration and micro-stepping.



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